Why You Should Switch to Windows 10

Have you held off on upgrading to Windows 10? You might have heard about the tradeoffs and shortcomings. You may have heard many complaints. Since its launch in 2015, many of the glitches are fixed. There are real benefits to upgrading.

5 Reasons to Switch to Windows 10

Updated Software

Many individual users are disappointed that the upgrade isn’t compatible with older programs. The truth is that their programs are ancient so this should be a moot point for most businesses. Hackers target users with programs that are out-of-date because they are no longer supported with updates for security risks. And most professionals must stay abreast of updates in software to stay competitive in their industry.


Microsoft made it clear that they stopped supporting Windows XP and earlier OS versions. If you don’t update, you won’t have the latest version of OS software with all the protection that goes with it. That’s bad for business. Your clients expect you to maintain the highest level of security when handling their sensitive information. You can’t risk compromising their information by using outdated software. And with Windows 10 your employees can’t easily bypass updates in security. With the frequency of updates to combat malicious malware and out of date codes, you need the frequency of patching that Windows 10 provides. Plus, you get the added security features of Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.


As a business, you know that faster speeds improve performance. The speed of Windows 10 is impressive. With the new operating system, you have faster startup and more. This is one area that was improved with Windows 8 and now has improved even more. Think about how much more productive you and your team can be with the speed to move through applications, download files and complete actions.


With new features always being added on devices, the need to keep up is essential. And the ability for touchscreen is a feature that many professionals are finding advantageous. Windows 10 provides touchscreen abilities right on your desktop. It’s a convenience that helps with productivity and performance in ways you can only imagine when you start using it.


Cortana is an integration that offers the convenience of hands-free interaction. Whether it is taking a note, setting a reminder or doing simple research, Cortana can improve your performance. It is more than just a digital assistant. There are vast improvements with better speech recognition, faster results and more intuitive searches. Cortana offers ease of use for basic tasks that can be done in seconds so you can move on with your workload.

Upgrading to Windows 10 will improve most of the things that really matter—compatibility, security, speed and interface. It can make a difference in how you and your employees utilize their time. If you haven’t upgraded, it’s no longer a question of “Why?” but rather a question on “When?”

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