Using Technology as a Game Changer

At Boost IT, we hold quarterly business meetings with our clients to maximize their success through the use of technology. During one quarterly business meeting with an engineering client, the owner mentioned a productivity concern. The concern was that his most productive engineers needed the fastest technology. In response, we configured his machines to make sure the right hardware and software were given for the highest producing workers.

Customer service in the IT business is more than just networking your systems, connecting you to the cloud, and providing maintenance and security. There is a strategic component that is critical and can be a game changer for your business. The strategic component comes about by working with you and having a listening ear on what can be done with your IT system to give you the competitive edge.

Here are two ways you can get the competitive edge with technology:

Customized procurement

We assist you in purchasing the equipment needed for optimal performance.

Having the right technology is critical to keep your high achievers engaged and motivated. Read about how technology can impact productivity levels in your office. A good example of this is with AutoCAD. Traditionally, CAD files sit in the closet on a server. If the server isn’t working, the files on the server can’t be accessed. Your engineer relies on CAD, so when it’s down, he has downtime. He becomes less engaged, stressed and unproductive. And according to one performance study, we think not having the right technology might cause him to multi-task and make more mistakes.

As a high performer, his downtime can affect the entire team and significantly affect your revenue. Therefore, we know that CAD needs better processing speed and power to run. So, we provide customization of faster and more powerful computers at the best price for those who use CAD technology to increase their productivity.

File sync and share

Our RocketSync cloud software enables you to work on projects more efficiently and collaborate more effectively with increased accessibility. In many cases, we can help you get rid of your server/infrastructure cost and load a cloud file sync/share software on your server and desktops so everyone can access all your company files, including CAD files. We can also make it accessible on laptops.

Here is an interesting article about how file sync and share technology works with encrypted keyed software like AutoCAD.

File sync and share is a great solution for CAD. As an engineer, you can benefit from file sync and share because it enables you to work on projects more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. You access the files through our RocketSync software. Besides working together on a file in-house and updating files in the office immediately, you can share it with contractors and developers. You can then work on a design directly while communicating, and changes can be visually confirmed right there and then – saving time and money.

To learn more about how Boost IT can be your strategic partner while helping you with procurement of the right equipment and getting rid of your infrastructure costs, contact us at 404-865-1289. Also, read our case study on Griffith Engineering.