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  • Ways to Boost Your Computer’s Performance

    More professionals than ever are relying on computers for their work. Your computer performance affects your productivity and can give you the competitive edge. It can also be the center of your frustration when it seems to be slow for the simplest of tasks. With more companies looking for game changers that can accelerate their […]

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  • The Best Anti-Virus Solution

    Cloud-Based Anti-Virus Benefits So which type of anti-virus software is best for your network? Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of available solutions in today’s market – and there are some tried and trusted tools out there that have worked well for years. But as is the case with many software solutions, it’s important to look […]

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  • How Our Endpoint Protection Software Saved Payroll

    How Our Endpoint Protection Software Saved Payroll Below is an e-mail we just sent to one of our clients. The person we sent this e-mail to uses a computer that contains sensitive financial and personal data and is used for payroll.  We are all very thankful for the endpoint protection software. Suzanne,   Just wanted to keep […]

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  • Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs : Part III (Still Need Anti-Virus)

    Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs (Anti-Virus Software) Part III : Do I Still Need Anti-Virus Software? This is the third post in a series of cyber security tips.  Here are the first 2. Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs : Part I (Anti-Malware Software) Cybersecurity Tips for SMB : Part II (Firewall Solutions) There are a number of experts and amateurs […]

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  • What are Managed Services?

    Managed Services

    The Managed Services Story Like every Tuesday morning, Linda the office manager came in 1/2 hour early. Tuesday’s are staff meeting days and the report has to be printed for the meeting. And right after the staff meeting Linda has a meeting with the HR vendor to talk about an issue that might potentially cost the […]

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