• Dropbox Duplicate Files Problem: SOLVED

    What is the Dropbox duplicate files problem? If two people change the same file at the same time, Dropbox won’t merge the changes. Instead, it saves the original file and creates a second version which has the same name but is appended with “conflicted copy”. Dropbox claims that “By creating a conflicted file, Dropbox ensures […]

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  • Logged On With a Temporary Profile in Windows

    Logged On With a Temporary Profile in Windows Common Causes and Prevention Steps More and more people are getting these errors. In fact, we just got an e-mail today from a client that had this exact problem and it’s not the first time so we thought we should post something about the issue. Let’s get […]

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  • How To Remove a Hard Drive Before Recycling Your Computer

    Open the case. Make sure your hands are CLEAN and DRY. Remove any metal rings, watches or bracelets you may be wearing. Touch the metal casing to eliminate any static charge, then unplug the computer from the electrical outlet. You can also use an antistatic wrist strap if you prefer. Check the user’s manual, if […]

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