SMB VoIP Phones are experiencing a ‘Radical Transformation’

A ‘Radical Transformation’ Is Brewing in SMB VoIP Phones

Having just a VoIP phone system isn’t cutting it any more
Owners want Advertising Accountability

SMB VoIP phonesSMB VoIP phones are commonplace, but that’s not enough any more. Business owners are expecting accountability and higher ROI when it comes to spending advertising dollars.

SMB VoIP PhonesSMBs want VoIP Systems

SMB VoIP phones create a significant reduction in phone/long-distance/fax costs, support more mobile workforces, offer advanced call handling features, and make changing ISP providers easier.  It also allows companies to stop using MPLS networks to route intra-office calls.  But you should expect more…

What’s The Transformation?

Imagine a phone system that tells business owners, as a call is coming in, where the caller found the business, what web pages they visited leading up to a call, and what email correspondence they’ve had with the business previously. Read an article about how call tracking is increasing ROI for SMBs.

More Information

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