Victual CIO

The virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is the chief driver of all IT direction and initiatives. The responsibilities of a vCIO include:

  • Strategic IT direction
  • Setting an IT budget
  • Implementing new IT systems
  • Reviewing and reporting on the state of the IT department

Why do you need a vCIO?

For many small to mid-size companies, employing a CIO is a necessity, yet not in their budgets. So a cost-effective alternative is outsourcing these responsibilities to a vCIO.

That’s where Boost IT comes in. We provide CIO-level results for your company without you having to invest a monthly c-suite level salary. You’ll also have access to our robust IT knowledge and resources.

With your vCIO, you’ll have an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with us, which is critical to boosting your operations and revenue.

A vCIO also gives you a competitive edge over other companies in your industry. As technology evolves, our vCIO can help you multiply those advantages.

The vCIO process

After you sign an agreement with us and are paired with your vCIO, we don’t dive right in and make changes. We plan.

Our first priority is gathering the detailed technology alignment information needed to make strong recommendations. We need the strategic background information about your environment.

We take action only when fully understanding your needs and the current state of your technology. When the background work is done, vCIOs spend more time on providing strategic direction than on technology alignment.

Employing us to manage your IT, where you’ll be assigned a dedicated client success manager, we’ll have access to your IT information gives us hands-on control of your system alignments. The client success manager’s sole responsibility is to align your technology against the industry best practices. This process is performed on a ongoing basis, and the alignment results are given to the vCIO as the basis for building your IT roadmap.

As we invest the strategic time into better understanding your company and your needs, we’ll build a strong foundation for a long-term partnership. And with the help of a client success manager, our vCIO services increase in value and effectiveness.