IT Assessment Checklist

The keys to ensuring a smooth migration and phenomenal IT performance is following a detailed IT Assessment Checklist & having a solid transition strategy.  Boost IT starts strong by doing a in-depth assessment so that we can plan your migration to avoid surprises, stabilize your network to resolve issues, and lay a foundation for effective IT management.  All of this is a part of our proven process.


  1. Assessment questionnaire
  2. Onsite visual review of office and technology
  3. Discovery process to document:
    1. data storage locations
    2. network topography
    3. network hardware
    4. security configuration
    5. servers
    6. remote access/VPN
    7. domain names
    8. web sites
    9. web hosting provider
    10. internet provider
    11. e-mail provider
    12. phone system
    13. backup system
    14. tablets
    15. phones
    16. printers
    17. cabling
    18. power control devices
    19. all apps
    20. software applications
    21. technology vendors
    22. technology usage policies
  4. Face to face interviews with select employees
  5. Run security audit tools like Network Detective and nMap
  6. Generate reports
  7. Face to Face review of reports & best practices deficiencies
  8. Make recommendations