Help Desk Team

A Help Desk Horror Story

Not all Help Desk teams are the same. A CFO we recently met at a networking event told us his experience with help desk was “leaving a voicemail with the Help Desk at 9A and they returned his call at 5:30P that day, when I was ready to leave for the day.” Not exactly what we would call a productive day. Details matter.

Our Help Desk is a Game Changer

You should use our Help Desk because:

  1. We are flexible – available during business hours, after hours, or 24×7
  2. We are highly trained – details below
  3. All techs are here in the USA – no language barriers
  4. We answer your call or chat in under 60 seconds – no need to leave voicemails
  5. Average resolution time is 16.7 minutes
  6. 80% of requests are resolved on the first call
  7. We can use remote control to help immediately

Our Help Desk Techs are local

A modern Help Desk can decrease project delays, maximize productivity, decrease frustration and allow your team to enjoy their work more and focus on your client’s satisfaction including: