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  • Transition Strategy

    Transition to Boost IT

    We can transition you to Boost IT from your current IT provider overnight, safely and securely, with no downtime. Most small businesses don’t have the in-house expertise to choose the best technology products and services for the way they do business. Boost IT chooses, implements and manages the right technologies to make you successful, and […]

  • Boost IT Help Desk Team

    Get 24/7 Help Desk Support

    A Help Desk Horror Story Not all Help Desk teams are the same. A CFO we recently met at a networking event told us his experience with help desk was “leaving a voicemail with the Help Desk at 9A and they returned his call at 5:30P, when I was ready to leave for the day.” […]

  • IT Reporting

    Get Clear IT Insight & Ongoing Guidance

    What good does a managed IT system do for you unless you are getting regular reports that help you anticipate costs and make smarter long-term technology decisions? We provide executive summaries every month to our clients.  These summaries have actionable to-do’s when needed and we keep you informed on a high-level or with as much […]

  • Work From Home

    Work from Home

    This is a quick checklist to ensure you can be productive when you work from home:   Remote Access Maintain remote access to your computers and/or servers. Most, if not all of our managed services clients, are allowed a 1:1 remote access connection to your work computer should the need arise. This means that Boost […]

  • Improve Wi-Fi Network Speed

    Improve Company Wi-Fi & Network Speed

    You want your Wi-Fi, network speed, servers, workstations, internet, cloud apps, mobile devices and all other hardware running at peak performance. We have you covered. We’re Wi-Fi & network hardware experts. Want blazing fast Wi-Fi? Check. Want files and photos to open quickly? Solved. Want computers to boot faster? Easy. Want web sites to load […]

  • Backup & Restore Data Quickly

    Backup & Restore Data Quickly

      In order to backup & restore data quickly, answer these:   Are backups manual or automatic? Are data restores tested regularly? Do we have backups stored offsite or in the cloud? How long will it take to recover from a server failure? How many versions of that file are we keeping? How long will […]

  • Microsoft Office 365 & E-mail

    Get the most from Microsoft 365 & E-mail

    What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 is a subscription plan that includes access to Desktop applications plus other productivity services that are in the cloud. Some Features of Microsoft 365 are: Always up-to-date versions of cloud apps Work from home more productively with Microsoft Teams Mobile apps for iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices Each […]

  • Cloud File Sync & Sharing

    Get a Cloud Platform to Share Company Files

    Our cloud platform to share company files helps companies eliminate file servers, decrease travel & IT expenses, and increase access speed to your files. The Problem: Many businesses are still: using VPN to access or copy data back to their file server using Dropbox or OneDrive to share company data with employees, clients & vendors […]

  • RingCentral VOIP Cloud Business Phone System

    Upgrade to a Cloud Business Phone System

    RingCentral, a VOIP cloud business phone system, gives you the most advanced and modern communications system in the industry—for one affordable price. The feature-rich phone system puts an entire suite of communication tools at your disposal. Now your small business can perform like a big business. Boost IT is a certified RingCentral partner. RingCentral Office […]

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