Managed IT

Managed IT has fundamentally changed the way businesses deal with technology. Instead of following the break-fix model, where a business scrambles to fix a server, computer, or critical networking device when they fail, Managed IT focuses on the prevention of issues before they disrupt employees, management and/or clients.

If you fall behind in maintaining and testing backups, installing patches and monitoring network security, the odds greatly increase that you’ll face an IT outage or security breach that will negatively impact your business. Effective Managed IT greatly reduces these risks, which allows you to focus on your strengths. Then with our expertise & guidance, you are more focused on achieving your goals and your technology is a competitive advantage.

Today, no professional business can afford the risk and uncertainty of relying on break/fix support. Having separate vendors responsible for different parts of the system puts you in the difficult position of trying to decide who to contact when you need help. An experienced Managed IT provider can solve all of these issues and deliver it at a predictable monthly cost.

  • Server Management

    Physical & Virtual Server Management

    Want to hand over server management responsibilities to a professional team? Reliable server management has a few components: Types of Server Management We install, monitor, and manage cloud & on-premise physical and virtual servers such as: Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft Hyper-V VMWare Web Server Database Server Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server Monitoring The issues […]

  • Multiple IT Support Options

    Multiple IT Support Options

    We offer multiple IT support options: chat phone e-mail remote control, within minutes onsite Chat Chat is available around the clock. Once you become a client, we put a “Help Desk Chat” icon on your computer so you can reach us quickly.  Chat is helpful because you may want to start a remote control support […]

  • Software Update Management

    Our software update management system monitors your systems around the clock. We update your software in the background, without interrupting your employees. Your software needs to stay updated to protect your data from cyberattacks and malware. Software updates also provide new features and can improve performance, which we monitor with our performance monitoring system. “Software […]

  • Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring

    You want your network, servers, workstations, internet speed and all other hardware running at peak performance and we have it covered. We monitor all aspects of the hardware on your network and will know what’s going on before you do. In most cases, we’ll resolve it before you’re affected.

  • Endpoint Management

    We support, monitor, protect and manage Macs, PCs, and Mobile Devices, and eliminate surprises.

  • Transition Strategy

    Transition Strategy

    Our transition strategy has enabled us to move businesses from their current IT provider to Boost IT in a weekend with no downtime. Most small businesses don’t have the in-house expertise to choose the best technology products and services for the way they do business. Boost IT chooses, implements and manages the right technologies to […]

  • IT Reporting

    IT Reporting

    What good does a managed IT system do for you unless you are getting regular reports that help you anticipate costs and make smarter long-term technology decisions? We provide executive summaries every month to our clients.  These summaries have actionable to-do’s when needed and we keep you informed on a high-level or with as much […]

  • IT Assessment Checklist

    IT Assessment Checklist

    The key to ensuring a smooth migration and phenomenal IT performance is following a detailed IT Assessment Checklist & having a solid transition strategy.  Boost IT starts strong by doing a in-depth assessment so that we can plan your migration to avoid surprises, stabilize your network to resolve issues, and lay a foundation for effective […]

  • Help Desk Team

    Help Desk

    A Help Desk Horror Story Not all Help Desk teams are the same. A CFO we recently met at a networking event told us his experience with help desk was “leaving a voicemail with the Help Desk at 9A and they returned his call at 5:30P that day, when I was ready to leave for […]

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