Cyber Security

Are you looking for a standalone, highly effective yet non-intrusive managed security service to protect your business? We install it with no downtime, and it won't slow down or interrupt your business or your employees. We customize the managed security service specifically for your business, protecting you from internal and external threats, and monitor it around the clock. Downtime from cyberattacks, ransomware, viruses, malware, spyware, and adware will be a distant memory, and we manage and update everything for you.

  • Active Managed Firewall

    Managed Firewall

    A UTM managed firewall is THE most important part of a comprehensive managed security plan. If you don’t have one, odds are that you’re having network issues and don’t know why. Statistics: The annual cost of global cybercrime damages are estimated to cost $6 trillion by 2021. 51 percent of business owners are unfamiliar with […]

  • endpoint protection

    Endpoint Protection

    The most overlooked aspect of security is endpoint protection, and we have it down to a science.  Leave it up to us to install, update, manage, and remove threats to your business reputation and productivity.

  • Software Patching

    Our software update management system monitors your systems around the clock. We update your software in the background, without interrupting your employees. Your software needs to stay updated to protect your data from cyberattacks and malware. Software updates also provide new features and can improve performance, which we monitor with our performance monitoring system. “Software […]

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