• Renn Wealth Management Group

    Case Study: The Renn Wealth Management Group

    Industry: Financial Advisors | Size: <10 Employees As an investment company that addresses every facet of their clients’ financial life, The Renn Wealth Management Group relies on safely handling encrypted data. They need to easily access that data every time they communicate with their clients. They need to open encrypted data from a variety…

  • Griffith Engineering Case Study

    Case Study: Griffith Engineering

    Industry: Engineering/Sustainability | Size: 30-50 Employees When Griffith engineers come into the office, they need immediate access to their data. From complex drawings to tables and graphs on energy analysis to engineering design software, their ability to access that data quickly and effectively is what allows them to maximize productivity. …

  • Dexter Companies

    Case Study: Dexter Companies

    Industry: Real Estate Brokerage | Size: <10 Employees Real estate brokerage is a 24x7 business and Dexter Companies team members are always on the go and work from anywhere. When a team member receives a call about a property, they pull up data that includes detailed information about the property and owner that can be very sensitive. They need…

  • Case Study PACT Atlanta

    Case Study : PACT Atlanta

    Industry: Medical Provider | Size: 10 Employees + 25 Providers PACT Atlanta needed the transition from physical to fully electronic medical records to go smoothly. They needed a cohesive system where the office staff, providers and vendors can interact to provide the best care for patients. The transition would be complex, requiring a lot of time …

  • Cisco Router Setup

    Cisco Router Configuration & AnyConnect VPN

    Boost IT just finished a Cisco Router Configuration project where we installed a Cisco ASA-5506X and configured Remote Access VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect software.

  • Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 Migration

    Boost IT has perfected the Microsoft Office 365 migration.  To understand more about what Office 365 is click here. In-House Exchange Server If you have an in-house Exchange Server and want to move to Office 365 we can migrate all your data and Public Folders with ZERO down time.  We have the process down to a science. Microsoft Exchange Onlin…

  • Windows Hyper-V

    Windows Hyper-V Virtual Server

    How Windows Hyper-V and Boost IT saved a local marketing company The Problem A local marketing company came to us wanting to resolve some "unresolvable" Windows Server 2008 critical update issues.  The problem is that the server was running on hardware that was out of date and warranty, both of which are huge risks for a production server that y…

  • AutoCAD Software Deployment

    AutoCAD Software Deployment (Network Wide) Industry: Engineering Downloaded and built AutoCAD software deployment package with network-wide installation that did not interrupt end-users. Some essential facts about deployments: Deployments can be created for network licenses or multi-seat stand-alone licenses. Multiple deployments with…

  • Windows Server Migration

    Windows Server Migration Upgrade Server 2003 or Server 2008 to Server 2012 Industry: Financial Services Installed a new higher capacity domain controller server and migrated user accounts and company data for a rapidly expanding financial services firm helping to meet stricter security requirements and increasing speed of access to data. We…

  • Active Managed Firewall

    Active Managed Firewall Service

    Active Managed Firewall Service Industry: Financial Services Remember, we have always said that security is as much an art as it is a science. Monitoring and adjustments should be an ongoing process, and some included firewall rule changes should be an integral part of the service. We installed and configured an enterprise-level firewall that we…

  • EMR/Practice Management Software Conversion

    EMR/Practice Management Software Conversion Industry: Medical Installed and configured a high-end server, and in collaboration with the software vendor, implemented a SQL-based EMR/Practice Management software for a growing medical office.  Involved configuring a SQL maintenance plan to automatically back up and optimize multiple databases, ens…

  • Backup & Restore Data Quickly

    Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery System Implementation

    Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery System Implementation Industry: Medical Installed and configured a HIPAA-compliant encrypted backup and disaster recovery system to allow almost instant recovery of failed servers for a growing medical office. Bootable backup copies of your servers and workstations can be stored onsite for fast restores, and…

  • Official HIPAA Assessment

    HIPAA Assessment

    Official IT HIPAA Assessment Industry: Healthcare Boost IT recently completed an IT HIPAA Assessment for one of our clients in the Dekalb Medical Center area. This is just one part of our Network Assessment Suite, which automatically generates the official documents needed for a comprehensive HIPAA IT assessment, including: HIPAA Policy and P…

  • Quickbooks Multi-User

    QuickBooks Multi-User Network Installation

    QuickBooks Multi-User Network Installation Industry: Engineering Set up QuickBooks 2015 on a Windows 2012 Server to host the data file and allow mutil-user mode over the network to 4 distinct application users. This set up allowed for tracking log in information and blocking access to certain features or information based on the user. Server ho…

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