• Microsoft Office 365 Migration

    Boost IT has perfected the Microsoft Office 365 migration.  To understand more about what Office 365 is click here.

    In-House Exchange Server

    If you have an in-house Exchange Server and want to move to Office 365 we can migrate all your data and Public Folders with ZERO down time.  We have the process down to a science.

    Microsoft Exchange Online

    If you are using Microsoft Exchange Online, we can move you to Office 365 with ZERO down time.

    Office 365 Migration

    And we make the transition easy for your employees, too.  They probably won’t even notice anything has changed, except for things will probably run faster with less errors.

    Picking Your Plan

    Organizations making the move to Office 365 have a number of different service plans to choose from. Here’s a peek at what’s offered with the “Business Essentials,” “Business” and “Business Premium” plans. These plans are capped at 300 users. Enterprise plans are available for larger organizations.

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic

    • Cloud versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
    • File storage and sharing
    • Email, calendar and contacts in the cloud
    • Unlimited online meetings, instant messaging and video conferencing
    • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    • Online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • File storage and sharing
    • Full, installed versions of Office applications for Mac or PC
    • Office for tablets
    • Office for smartphones
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Azure Active Directory Basic

    Microsoft 365 Business Premium

    • All features of both the “Business” and “Business Essentials” plans, plus
    • Advanced Threat Protection (to control data loss through e-mail)
    • Azure Active Directory Premium
    • Intune (required for organizations with compliance requirements)
    • SharePoint file server in the cloud (multiple user can edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint files at the same time)

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