• Case Study: The Renn Wealth Management Group

    Industry: Financial Advisors | Size: <10 Employees

    As an investment company that addresses every facet of their clients’ financial life, The Renn Wealth Management Group relies on safely handling encrypted data. They need to easily access that data every time they communicate with their clients. They need to open encrypted data from a variety of financial and investment sources. And they need to encrypt data to send for trades and other transactions.

    IT Solutions

    Boost IT provided vendor coordination so The Renn Wealth Management Group can receive up-to-the-minute data from their vendors to best advise their clients. We regularly ensure their IT system is operating at full capacity and processing encrypted data securely and effectively.

    Unique Protections

    CRM software and financial services holding company software have continuous updates that require unique stipulations to get through firewalls and be accessed only by approved users. For security reasons, these stipulations are always changing with improved encryption methods that are user-specific.

    Boost IT keeps their IT system current with continuous monitoring, maintenance, software update management and personal attention to detail at every workstation. We coordinate with vendors on updates so The Renn Wealth Management Group can transfer files and communicate with each other and their clients seamlessly.

    Peace of Mind

    The Renn Wealth Management Group helps their clients make financial decisions easier. They provide a non-stressful, relaxed environment. They communicate in ways that are easy to understand. Their clients’ experience is essential to their success.

    The tools provided by Boost IT ensure peace of mind. We make it possible for them to do their jobs seamlessly and stress-free. We changed a lot of their hardware and revamped their system so they have the best IT tools available. We updated their Internet Service Provider so they can access data from vendors quickly and consistently. And they can be confident that data is the most accurate and secure.

    Competitive Advantage

    Our solutions provide encryption of data with stipulations on firewalls, anti-spyware, anti-malware that protect against threats and unauthorized access. They are able to compete with the larger financial advisory firms because they have the same information as others in the industry while providing the best level of customer service. Boost IT provides the best data access and organization IT can offer.

    “The revamping of our system was magical. Boost IT replaced our server that advanced our ability to serve our customers in unimaginable ways.” Laura Martin, Financial Advisor/Client Relations Manager

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