• Case Study: Griffith Engineering

    Industry: Engineering/Sustainability | Size: 30-50 Employees

    When Griffith engineers come into the office, they need immediate access to their data. From complex drawings to tables and graphs on energy analysis to engineering design software, their ability to access that data quickly and effectively is what allows them to maximize productivity.

    They need to be able to pick up where they left off the day before and stay connected to their data. They need to be able to interchange between screens at lightning speed without losing concentration.

    IT Solutions

    Boost IT is about making that access available in the least amount of time so the engineers can get to work as soon as they turn on their device. Then they can continue working productively until they are ready to turn that device off. We consolidated servers, converting their network to 1 Gigabit for faster and more efficient processing of data.

    “I feel like we just went from a riding lawnmower to a sports car. You guys have been extremely responsive and things are going smoothly. Our migration has really been a seamless process.” Chad Griffith, President, Griffith Engineering, Inc.

    Improved Communication

    Griffith Engineering has two office locations, in Atlanta and Charlotte. Their engineers need to communicate between locations while accessing the same data simultaneously.

    The consolidation was performed during one weekend so as not to interrupt workflow. The engineers logged out of the old system when they went home on Friday. Upon arrival on Monday, they logged into upgraded hardware, full internet and intranet ability, and high performance. With the consolidated server that we installed, the communications between the two offices and their customers significantly improved.

    Lighting-Fast File Access

    The upgraded hardware accommodates growth, giving Griffith Engineering the opportunity to be highly competitive. With faster processing of data, their response time is incredible. The consolidated server gives them the ability to spend more time with their customers and make an amazing impact on their industry. They can win more projects and compete with larger firms.

    A Well-Oiled Machine

    Boost IT maintains a well-operated network and provides Griffith Engineering with the tools they need to stay better organized. While providing continuous monitoring and regular updates, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime and are very responsive to their support calls. We provide personalized communication so we can recognize potential hiccups in advance and address those risks quickly and effectively, before they impact their operations. As a result, the engineers can do their jobs better and the technology is always available.

    “There is a definite improvement in responsiveness with Boost IT. You quickly resolve issues so we aren’t spending a lot of downtime and have more time for our customers.” Jaime Fernandez, Engineer

    Cost Savings

    With a single consolidated server, Griffith Engineering wanted cost savings and cost controls. We were able to provide value and cut their costs in half.

    Because we work on a flexible schedule that is less disruptive, they maintain their workflow and minimize overhead costs. In essence, the tools we provide give them the ability to be highly efficient and do more with less.

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