• Case Study: Dexter Companies

    Industry: Real Estate Brokerage | Size: <10 Employees

    Real estate brokerage is a 24×7 business and Dexter Companies team members are always on the go and work from anywhere. When a team member receives a call about a property, they pull up data that includes detailed information about the property and owner that can be very sensitive. They need cloud storage that protects their data and provides data access anywhere at anytime.

    Cloud Storage Solutions

    Boost IT’s cloud solutions allowed Dexter’s team to get remote access to their data from any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, so they can provide the most current information to a prospect or client. They have the complete history, sales numbers, and area data for comparison. It’s about being able to ensure that all of the pieces of the business are focused on the client.

    We made it possible for Dexter’s team to do their jobs smoothly and stress-free. By using cloud storage, we are able to store and protect that data in ways that protects it from loss or ransom. The protection includes encryption of data with additional support from our managed security service.

    Security Solutions

    When Boost IT first engaged with Dexter Companies, we found computers with viruses and many security patches that hadn’t been applied. The owner thought that updates were automatic, and they are, but they don’t always install as they should, or a users turns it off.

    Boost IT’s managed security service ensures peace of mind. We make it possible for Dexter’s team to do their jobs smoothly and stress-free. By using a combination of hardware & cloud-based security tools, we are able to store and protect their data in ways that protects it from loss or ransom. The protection includes encryption of data with additional support that includes a hardware UTM firewall, endpoint protections, and security patch management to thwart threats and unauthorized access.

    Super-fast Internet Connection

    Being able to handle clients’ questions and find property details quickly is critical to Dexter Companies’ success. They exist because their clients want to buy or sell immediately but hate the process. Every second counts to get the best contract in a timely manner. When they connect with their clients, they make it really easy to get questions answered now so decisions can be made now, and getting guidance on how to order and implement a super-fast internet connection is critical.

    Reliable Data Syncing and Storage

    Dexter Companies has multiple people needing the ability to access the network. There was an increasing concern about data storage as well as reliability. With the migration from an on-premise server to cloud computing, Boost IT established secure offsite syncing and storage of data that can be easily backed up, retrieved and maintained. They were able to significantly improve performance and reduce hardware failures.

    “Working with Boost IT was the perfect fit. They stepped in and took care of us with the best solutions and hands-on assistance. Everything is so much better.” Blake Dexter, Owner

    Office Move Support

    Dexter Companies also needed to move offices right after their move to the cloud. The first step was to get them migrated to the cloud to get rid of the old, slow hardware. Boost IT provided guidance during the office move in a few areas:

    Site Survey –  conducted a professional site survey to ensure a smooth transition and avoid surprises
    Internet Migration – evaluated the client’s internet needs, negotiated contracts, and managed the ISPs multiple visits for hardware installation and activation
    Vendor/Contractor Coordination –  coordinated with the GC/property manager to ensure the new space met the power requirements and had low voltage wiring in place
    Network Infrastructure – procured and installed cabling & network infrastructure equipment needed for the new space
    Moving Company – ensured the moving company prepared Dexter Companies’ equipment properly so move day goes smoothly and operations are ready to go

    Cost Savings

    Dexter Companies knew they needed cloud solutions to stay a step ahead of the competition. They had a lot of data to migrate and many people to access it during the transition.  Boost IT decreased costs for servers, backup systems, and hardware management while also decreasing IT management fees.

    Results Summary

    Boost IT moved the office network to a new location for Dexter Companies and transitioned them from a server-based to a cloud environment to store their data, and to a new internet provider, a new state-of-the-art updated Voice over IP (VOIP) phone system, Office 365 with e-mail, and data cloud file-sharing. The result was super-fast capabilities that helped Dexter Companies give their clients an amazing experience.

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