• AutoCAD Software Deployment

    AutoCAD Software Deployment (Network Wide)
    Industry: Engineering

    Autocad 2015 Projects
    Downloaded and built AutoCAD software deployment package with network-wide installation that did not interrupt end-users.

    Some essential facts about deployments:

    • Deployments can be created for network licenses or multi-seat stand-alone licenses.
    • Multiple deployments with different configurations can exist in the same folder, sharing the same administrative image.
    • Each deployment installs products in a single language. If you need to install products in different languages, each language requires a separate deployment. For products that support language packs, you can include additional language packs with a deployment.
    • An existing deployment can form the basis for creating another deployment with a different configuration.
    • Deployments can be configured to generate a log file for each installation. Network administrators can use these log files for troubleshooting.

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