• Active Managed Firewall Service

    Active Managed Firewall Service
    Industry: Financial Services

    Remember, we have always said that security is as much an art as it is a science. Monitoring and adjustments should be an ongoing process, and some included firewall rule changes should be an integral part of the service. We installed and configured an enterprise-level firewall that we actively manage. This includes monitoring of traffic, configuring and actively modifying content filter settings to adhere to company internet usage policies, including Intrusion Prevention and not just Intrusion Detection, centralized Gateway Anti-Virus filtering that offloads processor intensive filtering from computers, application filtering to block specific applications from being installed by employees, and one of our favorite features is a Geo-IP filter, which allows us to exclude access to high-risk countries.
    See why Active Managed Firewall is a key element of Managed IT.

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