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The way IT Help Desk support is supposed to work

IT Help Desk Support

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Maureen, a marketing wizard, logs in to her computer Wednesday morning at 8AM to start a new project that has a 10AM Friday morning deadline. She quickly hits a wall, discovering that she doesn’t have access to the files she needs, and her creative energy starts to wane. She thinks she can figure it out herself and decides to search old e-mails to see if she can find the files, but they were outdated versions. She then interrupts her other colleagues, so they stop working on their projects, and asks them to see if they can find what she needs, but with the same results. By now, it’s 9:30AM and a number of other marketing people have been interrupted. Her inspiration is fading, so she decides to call the IT Help Desk, and then has to leave a message restating everything she has already explained to her marketing colleagues. She hangs up the phone wondering when they will call her back and if they will have the expertise to make the changes she needs. Maureen moves on, a little more uneasy, to the next task on her list wondering if she is going to miss her project deadline. By 3:30PM, not only has Maureen not gotten a call back, she knows that even if they call now that she doesn’t have time to sit on the phone and walk them through the problem since she has to leave for a presentation by 3:40PM. Frustrated, she leaves the office for a 4PM client meeting, knowing she has to rearrange her entire schedule tomorrow to work on the project, and hoping her frustration doesn’t show in the prospect meeting. Finally, as she pulls in the the parking deck of the prospect’s office, she gets a call back from the Help Desk and she has to tell them that she can’t show the Help Desk technician the error because she has already left the office for a meeting. She fumbles through her stuff to find her phone and get a time on the calendar to work on it the Thursday morning, hoping someone is available since the Help Desk is only available from 9AM-5PM. When she gets home, she tells her husband she’s going to miss the dinner that night because she has to work late trying to find another way around the issue. Maureen thinks to herself “If only the Help Desk had answered my call when I first needed the help, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Are the people you count on experiencing delays like this because the Help Desk is only able to help on their terms? You need an expert team that is available immediately during the times you choose, even supporting you around the clock, day or night, weekends and holidays.

A seamless extension of a great Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) platform, an IT Help Desk efficiently and promptly identifies and solves both simple and complex issues, helping your business deliver projects on time and on budget and keeping your employees and clients happy and frustration free.

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