Meaningful Use Stage 2 Lab Results Project for Medical/Healthcare

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Lab Results Project for Medical/Healthcare
How to automate lab results uploads from third-party medical vendors

EHR Meaningful Use Stage

To meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 Lab Results criteria, a client came to us to solve the technical problem of automating transfer of lab results. They came to us at the beginning of last week with a request and we were excited to work with them, since we have other clients that are in the healthcare/medical industry. The stages of Meaningful Use and their requirements can be viewed at

A Boost IT engineer and project manager spent part of this last week designing, implementing and testing the SFTP site that will store our client’s lab results.

The Purpose:

Decrease the time and effort required for doctors and nurse practitioners to share lab results with their patients.  Set up an automated system so a third-party medical group can upload lab results files that are automatically imported into our client’s electronic health records (EHR or EMR) system.

The Scope:

Create Secure FTP (SFTP) site
Configure Cisco ASA firewall to limit exposure
Ensure HIPAA compliance
Coordinate with third-party vendors
Test file repository access

Our Plan:

Gather data and requirements from all parties involved
Design multi-layer secure access to file storage location
Choose hardware and optimal open source software
Manage project implementation with engineers and security professionals
Create users and permissions
Test successful transfer of lab results data
Tighten down security controls
Test access again to ensure security controls are valid

The Result:

One satisfied client. Project completed by trusted advisors, on time (a little early actually), on budget, and with all reasonable security precautions taken.