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  • How to Prevent Ransomware

    Boost IT | How to Prevent Ransomware

    Do you know the one I.T. question you should be asking? This question is directed at you. Whether you are an individual trying to secure your digital footprint or an employee /owner working for a business, do you know the one I.T. question you should be asking? We do, and we want you to know […]

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  • The Benefits of System Performance Monitoring

    Improving your system performance and increasing your productivity are goals every business wants to achieve. IT can be a big headache and cost you money when your system is slow or down. Therefore, system performance monitoring should be a priority against weaknesses and threats that are counterproductive and costly. 3 benefits of system performance monitoring […]

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  • Getting Out of the IT Business

    Want to get out of the IT business? We’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately and it’s coming from people who are realizing the benefits of outsourcing. That’s because these people aren’t even in the IT business. They are administrative assistants, engineers, real estate brokers, financial advisors, and other professionals who have jobs to […]

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  • What’s Slowing Down Your Device?

    You rely on your device to get your work done. When your device is slow, your productivity level is affected. You have deadlines looming and risk going over budget if you can’t get the work done in a timely manner. But right now, all you can seem to do is stare at the screen, waiting […]

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  • How Outsourcing IT Can Help Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Managed IT services are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you have a small business with limited IT staff or a large business with a full staff, outsourcing IT can help take your business to the next level. Filling in Gaps A big problem with IT is that there are gaps for essential tasks that are not […]

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  • Benefits of Managed IT Services

    Benefits of Managed IT Services

    To be successful in business, increasing revenue while decreasing costs is crucial. Many SMBs are turning to outsourced managed IT services because they realize that a small incremental expense, and in some cases an overall decrease in IT expenses, can mean huge gains in revenue. Managed IT services can also be a game changer because […]

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  • How To Boost Computer Performance

    computer performance

    Your computer performance affects your productivity and can give you the competitive edge. It can also be the center of your frustration when it seems to be slow for the simplest of tasks. With more companies looking for game changers that can accelerate their growth, you need to regularly boost your computer performance to stay […]

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  • No, IT Support and Security are Not the Same

    Most small to medium sized businesses intuitively know the difference between IT support and security. That doesn’t mean you address IT support and security separately when it comes to protecting your data and maintaining your infrastructure. Having both the necessary support to maintain your systems combined with adequate security to protect data is essential. Support […]

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  • Tips for Practicing Safe Browsing on the Internet

    A security breach is a nightmare for any company. Attackers are always trying to take advantage of every opportunity to get financial and identity information. Therefore, protection requires continuous due diligence on the company’s part. But the company is not the only one with responsibilities. There are responsibilities that your employees should have also. The […]

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  • Boost IT Help Desk – How To Contact Us

    Click on the image below to start the video. You can also call us locally for Help Desk support at 404-865-1289, option 1.

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  • How Our Endpoint Protection Software Saved Payroll

    How Our Endpoint Protection Software Saved Payroll Below is an e-mail we just sent to one of our clients. The person we sent this e-mail to uses a computer that contains sensitive financial and personal data and is used for payroll.  We are all very thankful for the endpoint protection software. Suzanne,   Just wanted to keep […]

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  • Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs : Part III (Still Need Anti-Virus)

    Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs (Anti-Virus Software) Part III : Do I Still Need Anti-Virus Software? This is the third post in a series of cyber security tips.  Here are the first 2. Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs : Part I (Anti-Malware Software) Cybersecurity Tips for SMB : Part II (Firewall Solutions) There are a number of experts and amateurs […]

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  • Not Your Average IT Help Desk Support

    The way IT Help Desk support is supposed to work Maureen, a marketing wizard, logs in to her computer Wednesday morning at 8AM to start a new project that has a 10AM Friday morning deadline. She quickly hits a wall, discovering that she doesn’t have access to the files she needs, and her creative energy starts […]

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  • 6 Most Costly IT Mistakes for SMBs

    Ignore these costly IT mistakes, learn the hard way, and your wallet and business will suffer. Learn from these, and increase your revenue and keep costs predictable as possible. I have spent the majority of my life getting over my fears and learning from mistakes, of which I have made many. One of my life […]

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  • What are Managed Services?

    our proven process

    The Managed Services Story Like every Tuesday morning, Linda the office manager came in 1/2 hour early. Tuesday’s are staff meeting days and the report has to be printed for the meeting. And right after the staff meeting Linda has a meeting with the HR vendor to talk about an issue that might potentially cost the […]

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