HTTPS as SEO Ranking Signal declared by Google

Google using HTTPS as SEO ranking signal

The reason for Google using HTTPS as a SEO ranking signal (SEO=search engine optimization) is they want to make the internet more secure for everyone.

Google is now using HTTPS as SEO ranking signalWhat It Means

This means that if your web site has an SSL certificate and you see the lock next to your web site URL that it may help your SEO ranking, even if you don’t sell anything or have secure information on your web site. If you read Why did Google make the change? on the Google webmaster site, it explains their reasoning.

Why It Matters

Also, the Why HTTPS matters YouTube video posted by Google security gurus will explain more about the importance of securing the web.

How to Secure your Web Site

Many domain registrars (i.e. GoDaddy, DreamHost, PairNIC) can issue you an SSL certificate and help you get it installed, so we recommend contacting your existing registrar or web hosting provider.  Make sure to ask for SHA256 when getting your certificate as it will increase your grade at the testing site listed in the next section.  Changes to your web site can be made by your web design team.  E-mail us at if you need a web design team recommendation.

How to Test Your Secure Site for Free

This SSL testing web site, recommended in Google’s blog post, is a free online service that performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any HTTPS enabled SSL web server on the public Internet.  The higher the grade, the more it may help your SEO ranking.