Google Apps vs Office 365

Office 365 vs Google Apps

Google Apps vs Office 365

Top 3 reasons to choose Google Apps

1)  Really easy to use — but mainly because it has fewer features, like not always compatible with MS documents format.
2)  Easy to administer — “one size fits all” means fewer choices but also limited adaptability
3)  Cheaper — good value — be careful though because feature to feature pricing adds up close to Office 365

Top 3 reasons to choose Office 365
1)  Document compatibility — if you have large number of MS format docs Office 365 means less stress worrying if documents will convert.
2)  Number of options —  enormous array of features in each module and endless possibilities in well integrated suite plus additional compatibility with things like Visio just like MS Office Professional. Free Office mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.
3) Discounted based on Suite and number of users —  MS recently revamped its pricing based on partner and enterprise input to bring it more in line with Google apps.

Bottom line — If you are currently getting good value out of the features in MS Office you probably don’t want to switch just on price;  If the features in MS Office are overkill you could potentially save some money, particularly if you need access from devices that use some Chrome or other software integrations.

Network World Magazine also wrote an article with a more detailed comparison.
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