Getting Out of the IT Business

Want to get out of the IT business? We’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately and it’s coming from people who are realizing the benefits of outsourcing. That’s because these people aren’t even in the IT business. They are administrative assistants, engineers, real estate brokers, financial advisors, and other professionals who have jobs to do other than IT.

Why you should get out of the IT business

Focus on core competencies

There is a problem in many companies. The problem is that IT responsibilities are assigned to an employee who has other main duties, or an IT department handles various technology problems while their primary function is to assist with big data analytics. No one can be the jack of all trades. It’s a real problem and it’s distracting your employees from the strengths you need for your business to excel.

While there are some tasks that you may need to do in-house, such as the simple, everyday tasks employees do, outsource your greatest needs to a professional IT business that regularly deals with the backups, maintenance, system updates, software upgrades and complex situations.

Control operating costs

While you will still need to be involved in part so you get the services you need, saving money is one of the most compelling reasons for outsourcing. It can help reduce and control your operating costs with fixed fees for managed IT, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery, and other services. You know the cost to budget each month and you can free up capital for use in other areas.

Increase productivity

Without the distractions of scrambling to handle IT problems and knowing that you will get the right technology for the job, employees will be more motivated, less stressed and more productive. By outsourcing Managed IT services to Boost IT, your systems will be regularly updated and monitored for optimal performance. If a problem does arise, we can identify and correct it in advance in many cases before it adversely affects your business. The speed at which a problem is handled will be so fast, you might not even realize there was a problem. With that type of support, you’ll have less downtime and smoother workflow.

Access a team of IT professionals

By outsourcing, you’ll gain access to an IT business with professionals who specialize in all types of information technology. The professionals at Boost IT receive continuous training and have proper certifications. Because we work with multiple clients and need to keep up on industry best practices, we have the knowledge to address current issues and the experience to handle complex situations on a 24/7/365 schedule. That’s a schedule that will keep your servers and networks running, reliably and securely, without the worry of who’s sick, who’s leaving your company, or who’s going on summer vacation. With that level of support, you will no longer be limited by what your in-house IT can do.

Outsourcing to an IT business that knows the ins and outs of information technology can help free up your employees so they can concentrate on their main duties while being more productive. You’ll get the technical support from experts that can align your technology goals with your company vision to help you grow. To take the next step with outsourcing, contact Boost IT at 404-865-1289 or submit a request online. To read more about how a local engineering company improved their productivity with our IT solutions, read this case study.