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  • Getting Out of the IT Business

    Want to get out of the IT business? We’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately and it’s coming from people who are realizing the benefits of outsourcing. That’s because these people aren’t even in the IT business. They are administrative assistants, engineers, real estate brokers, financial advisors, and other professionals who have jobs to […]

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  • The Ransomware Nightmare and Its Real Cost

    Every day people go on the internet and are at risk from cyberattacks. Some of these attacks use highly sophisticated technology that can create a ransomware nightmare. Ransomware attacks by locking you out of your system and demanding a ransom to unlock it. The Ransomware Attack In Atlanta, there was a healthcare provider doing business […]

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  • ALERT! Badlock Bug in Windows

    Badlock Bug On April 12th, 2016, a crucial security bug in Windows and Samba will be disclosed. We call it: the Badlock bug. Engineers at Microsoft and the Samba Team are working together to get this problem fixed. Patches will be released on April 12th. Admins and all of you responsible for Windows or Samba server infrastructure: Mark the date. (Again: […]

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  • New Features in Windows 10

    New Features in Windows 10 Is Windows 8.1 driving you crazy? Check out the new features in Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 10 is a FREE upgrade, brings back Start menu, adds Cortana voice command and many other exciting new features that make it easy to use on a tablet, computer, or convertible like a Surface […]

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  • Boost IT has a New Home

    Boost IT has a New Home We are celebrating our growth with a prize giveaway. Want to know how to win? Read on. Atlanta, GA June 4 2014. How does a business with limited resources remove uncertainty from IT operations? Boost IT solves another piece of the puzzle with its new Atlanta home. “We quickly […]

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