Boost IT has a New Home

Boost IT has a New Home

We are celebrating our growth with a prize giveaway. Want to know how to win? Read on.
Atlanta, GA June 4 2014.

How does a business with limited resources remove uncertainty from IT operations?
Boost IT solves another piece of the puzzle with its new Atlanta home.

“We quickly realized that the next level of service for small business meant eliminating uncertainty in IT operations, “ said Russell Shulin, CEO. “With monitored and managed IT infrastructure and around the clock service desk support, business owners no longer have to worry about the reliability or hidden cost of their IT and can concentrate on their core strengths to boost their business. IT networks can be assessed, stabilized, monitored, and managed for growth and innovation with more uptime and less cost with our new managed service offerings so that your critical IT tools are always available when your business needs them. Migration to this new system is easy and will not interrupt your daily business functions.”

Large enterprises have been taking advantage of managed IT services for years but the cost was out of reach for most small businesses. Now most of the work is done virtually from remote locations so Boost IT can contract for these services in bulk, bundle them into inclusive packages that meet your requirements and offer them at the right price point for your business.

Shulin continued, “Our new facility is just another evolution for providing the best client service possible. Although our systems and processes enable our team to support your IT remotely from nearly anywhere and at any time, there are some functions that are just enhanced by a quickly accessible, centralized physical location. The needed space for the build out and staging of our clients’ hardware, for testing new technologies, and for collaboration and education of our team also provides us reliable access to high bandwidth throughput and physical security. Our new home certainly meets those needs for the foreseeable future.”

We mark our continued growth by moving into new and improved facilities at 2115 Monroe Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30324. Since 2000 Boost IT has always associated with superior providers of technology products and services to offer superior IT support to engineering, financial services, and healthcare organizations. Reinforcing our core belief that affordable, enterprise class managed IT services can transform and elevate small businesses to the next level, in 2013 we partnered with a world class provider that supports more than 350,000 users worldwide to automate monitoring and management of IT servers, workstations and network devices for our small business users.

Boost IT believes that IT should perform like a light switch, that you and your team should dream big, sleep well, and leave IT up to us, and that your goals for your business come first. Our work is personal, and everything we do revolves around these beliefs.

In June, Boost IT will offer a free, no obligation network assessments as a tool to determine how your IT operations could be improved to better service your business. In celebration of our growth, a lucky winner will have a choice of receiving a dining card or an Android tablet during June 2014. Just schedule a network assessment by sending a request to and you will be entered into our drawing. We will be announcing our winner in our July newsletter.