• How to share contacts in Outlook 2016 and Office 365

    How to Share Contacts in Outlook 2016 & Office 365

    How to share contacts in Outlook 2016 and Office 365 with specific people in your organization Knowing how to share contacts in Outlook 2016 and Office 365 can be a huge timesaver for companies of any size. The default Contacts folder in Outlook is created in each Outlook profile. This folder can’t be renamed or […]

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  • How to install SonicWall Mobile Connect on Windows 10

    How to configure SonicWall Mobile Connect on Windows 10

    How to install SonicWall Mobile Connect on Windows 10 Description This article explains how to install SonicWall Mobile Connect for Windows 10. Mobile Connect is the recommended VPN Client for Windows 10. Cause Resolution SonicWall Mobile Connect for Windows 10 is installed from the Microsoft Store. 1.On your Windows 10 device, launch the Store app. […]

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  • The Scenario of the Infected Computer

    The whole problem started when a coworker was sharing a computer to review a document and get other help. Before they realized what was going on, a pop-up window came up notifying them that the computer was infected and suggested running a scan. The employees ran the scan but nothing happened. Everything they clicked on […]

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  • How To Free Up Disk Space Using Disk Cleanup

    Disk Cleanup

    How To Free Up Disk Space Using Disk Cleanup One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I speed up my PC without upgrading it?” so we tell our clients How To Free Up Disk Space Using Disk Cleanup. Cleaning up your PC’s hard drive frees up drive space and makes it […]

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  • How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

    Technology has completely changed how real estate transactions are handled by an agent, how agents list and research properties, and how buyers and sellers complete property transactions. It has completely transformed the industry. With mobile technology and cloud computing, today’s brokers and agents are more connected than ever before, being able to operate anywhere, and […]

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  • How To Configure Office 365 on Android

    How To Configure Office 365 on Android Follow the steps below for how to configure Office 365 on Android. App Drawer Open the App Drawer, and then tap the Settings app. Settings Menu From the Settings menu, tap Add Account. (It may be located under Accounts & Sync.) Email Type Specify email type: click Corporate or maybe listed as Exchange ActiveSync. Email address Enter […]

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  • Configure Office 365 on iPhone / iPad

    How To Configure Office 365 on iPhone

    How to configure Office 365 on iPhone Follow the steps below for how to configure Office 365 on iPhone. **Note: If you have an old e-mail account configured in your device, remove it before adding the new account. Settings Open the device, and then tap the Settings application. Settings Menu From the Settings menu, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Email Type […]

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  • HIPAA Compliance Checklist

    HIPAA Compliance Checklist HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is designed to protect patient privacy and set standards for how medical records can be shared and how they must be safeguarded. HIPAA compliance isn’t just for those directly within the healthcare industry, however. Nearly anyone dealing with electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) including doctors, […]

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  • Boost IT Help Desk – How To Contact Us

    Click on the image below to start the video. You can also call us locally for Help Desk support at 404-865-1289, option 1.

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  • How To Use Help Desk Chat


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  • ALERT! Badlock Bug in Windows

    Badlock Bug On April 12th, 2016, a crucial security bug in Windows and Samba will be disclosed. We call it: the Badlock bug. Engineers at Microsoft and the Samba Team are working together to get this problem fixed. Patches will be released on April 12th. Admins and all of you responsible for Windows or Samba server infrastructure: Mark the date. (Again: […]

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  • How to Migrate AutoCAD Settings

    How to Migrate AutoCAD Settings Applies to migrate AutoCAD settings for 2007-2017, AutoCAD Architecture 2008-2017, AutoCAD LT 2007-2017, AutoCAD MEP 2008-2017 Problem: After installing a new version of AutoCAD, you want to know how to migrate AutoCAD settings from the older product version into the new version. Resolution: Migration utility This utility transfers settings from an […]

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  • Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive [VIDEO]

    Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

    Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive Watch the video above. The SSD Drive is on the far right. The Solid State Drive Advantage There’s been a lot of hype in the tech community about the solid state drive advantage (SSDs) over mechanical hard drives (HDDs). Since SSDs don’t have moving parts, they’re able to […]

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  • The Best Anti-Virus Solution

    Cloud-Based Anti-Virus Benefits So which type of anti-virus software is best for your network? Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of available solutions in today’s market – and there are some tried and trusted tools out there that have worked well for years. But as is the case with many software solutions, it’s important to look […]

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  • Malware Detection, Protection & Removal


    Part 2: Malware Detection, Protection & Removal with Antivirus & Security Software With your users adopting this safer, preventative behavior, the chances of being attacked by malware are slimmer, but not impossible. To minimize the volume of threats that reach your clients’ network, strengthen your remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution with a solid firewall, anti-malware and […]

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  • How Virtualization Can Help Your Business


    The Benefits of Virtualization Depending on your IT architecture, the nature of your work, and your IT budget, virtualization software can offer a variety of advantages to your small or medium business. Consolidate Servers One of the primary benefits of virtualization software is that it allows you to increase the scale of your server infrastructure […]

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  • Protect Yourself and Clients From Malware

    Virus Malware Alert

    Malware Alert!!! “Attention! We’ve detected malicious activity on your computer. Download antivirus now.” Spyware, Keyloggers, Scareware (described in example above), Ransomware and more. It seems like malware, or malicious software, lurks around every corner of the Internet, be it in a threatening email attachment or false online advertisement. There are now newer, subtler ways for […]

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  • 6 Steps to Avoid HIPAA Fines

    Avoid HIPAA Fines

    In 2016 we will see more HIPAA audits and increased HIPAA fines. In 2015, there were 10 times more audits than in the last 10 years combined and currently 70% of healthcare organizations would fail an audit. This article in Healthcare IT News is an indication of what’s coming. Here are the 6 Steps to […]

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  • Microsoft Changes OneDrive Storage Plans For Office 365

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft Changes OneDrive Storage Plans for Office 365 Downgrading Unlimited to 1TB OneDrive Storage Microsoft has announced that it’s planning to downgrade many of its OneDrive storage accounts, affecting nearly all users of the consumer version of Office 365. Microsoft wil be limiting its unlimited plan to 1TB instead. Not a small amount of storage […]

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  • Get the Most Out of Windows 10 With These 4 New Features

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 Windows 10 is here and many users are becoming familiar with their new system and finding out what it can do. Like with any good OS, Windows 10 has advantages over its predecessors. Here are four of our favorite features, and here’s a more extensive list of features. OneDrive Integration Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud […]

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